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A successful end to the Netball season for our ladies in the DHL Cup!

Our Senior Netball Section once again stepped out onto the court in force for the DHL Cup Tournament that was held here at BRFC on Tuesday 20th March, which formally rounds off the league for this season.
It was great to see so many of our girls out on court!
Our Development Youth C Team are the 2018 Bowl Winners in the DHL Cup Tournament. Unfortunately, they were defeated in their first game against ‘Brit A’ however their next game was against ‘Sri-Lanka’ – of which they won and therefore placed them into the Bowl Competition playing against ‘Brit All Sorts’. Our girls played very well, keeping their game fast and accurate against the Brit All Sorts team, ensuring us a home win. Our Development Youth C Team have played extremely well this season against some tough league teams, and have displayed some great skills on court, which we are looking forward to seeing further developed into next season.
The first game for our B Team also saw them playing against ‘Brit All Sorts’. In an evenly contested game they ended with a tied score, so they had to play an extra 3 minutes time. Unfortunately, our B Team just missed out on the win, but they then went on to play Brit All Sorts again in the Saucer Competition. Our B Team played a defensive game, keeping possession of the ball and finally securing that all important home win, which was well deserved and secured them as the 2018 Saucer Winners in the DHL Cup Tournament.
Our A Team had a very successful evening winning all of their games. Their first games were against ‘Brit All Sorts’ and ‘Sri-Lanka’. Our A Team secured handsome wins against both teams. During these games, our A Team showed true sport spirit by keeping the pace nice and steady. Our A Team were then placed into the Cup Competition, where they had to play against last season’s league winners Brit A. This was a highly contested, evenly matched and physical game. Both teams stepped back on court after half time with the score tied. As the minutes passed in the second half, the game continued to be tied goal for goal. In the final minutes of the game, both teams knew that this was anyone’s for the taking, with the score of 10/10 on the board. Our A Team then did what they do best, and played their own tight strategic game to secure another all-important home win and become the 2018 DHL Cup Tournament Winners!!
The final tournament results were;
Rugby Club A – DHL Cup Winners
Dilly All Sorts – Plate Winners
Rugby Club C – Bowl Winners
Rugby Club B – Saucer Winners
Congratulations to everyone involved in the tournament, and a very well done to our Rugby Club Netball Squad for all of their hard work this season, and for successfully dominating in the DHL Cup Tournament.
BRFC would like to wish the girls all the best for their off season and enjoy the rest as its well-deserved – we hope to see you all return again next season for even more success.