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Abdul – Repatriation

As many of our members are aware, our beloved groundskeeper of over 25 years Abdul, suffered a stroke in March of this year and has been receiving care at Salmaniya Hospital.

Unfortunately, due to the extent of the stroke, there is no chance of Abdul recovering fully and being able to return to work at the club. In the current circumstances, it has been difficult to make the necessary arrangements for Abdul’s family to travel to Bahrain and be with him. After discussion with medical experts from Salmaniya Hospital and Abdul’s family, we will be repatriating Abdul to Bangladesh where he can receive further medical care while being close to his family.

As a long-term servant of the club and a valued member of our staff family, Bahrain RFC will continue to support Abdul and his family to ensure that he receives the care he needs.

We send our best wishes to Abdul and extend our deep gratitude for his countless years of invaluable service to Bahrain RFC.

For any members who wish to show their appreciation for Abdul; and his dedication to the club, there will also be a collection box set up at Reception and in the Main Bar. All donations will be sent to Abdul and his family on behalf of the Bahrain RFC membership.

Best Regards,

The BRFC Executive Committee & Management