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AGM Step-by-Step Guide

Thank you to those who have already registered to take part in our upcoming Annual General Meeting!

Invitations have been sent to all eligible members via email. If you have been a Single Member or principle Family Member for more than six months and have not received an email invitation please contact

Please find below a Step-by-step guide on how the AGM shall run.

Step by Step Guide:

– Log in with plenty of time before the start of 2nd or 3rd Calling, 6.00pm or 7.30pm if necessary

– Once logged in you will see three action buttons, LIVE, VOTE and ASK, you will move between these action buttons throughout the AGM, click LIVE to await the start of the AGM (if you are using a mobile device these action buttons can be found in the drop-down menu in the top right of the page)

– Following a short welcome announcement we will move to Agenda Item 1 where you will then be directed to the first VOTE of the evening by clicking on the action button VOTE, you will have 2 minutes to VOTE and then return to LIVE by clicking on the LIVE button once again

– We will continue through the Agenda which will have a mix of live announcements, prerecorded presentations and VOTING, you will remain mostly on the LIVE page of the platform and only leaving to perform the VOTE sections when directed

– Following the resignation of the current Executive Committee we then come to the VOTE for the new Executive Committee and Chairman, as instructed by MOYS you will be required to submit 7 VOTES from the 9 Candidates for the Executive Committee positions and then 1 VOTE between the two Chairman candidates.

– Throughout the night we will announce the provisional results of each VOTE and these will be sent out by email to members once confirmed and approved by MOYS.

– Finally we will then move to AOB on the Agenda where members can click on the ASK action button to ask a question regarding the items on the Agenda, this question will be shown LIVE to all attending the AGM and followed by the answer for all attendees to view.

All documents relating to the AGM are still available to view at reception such as Agenda, Minutes of the previous meeting, List of Eligible Members, Auditors Report, proposed Auditors, etc. Also available by appointment are the financial documents such as Audited Accounts, Budget, CAPEX, etc. Please email to arrange an appointment to view the financial documents.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact

Thank you