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Dear Members,

BRFC Management and the Executive Committee would like to wholeheartedly apologise for the postponement of the AGM 2020 on the 15th of March due to technical difficulties faced. 

An investigation was launched immediately following the postponement into what caused the issues and we will announce the findings of the investigation at the earliest opportunity. 

BRFC Management and the Executive Committee would also like to thank everyone who attended the AGM and those that rallied round to encourage enough members to take part in the AGM so that we could reach the necessary quorum.

We are now working closely with the Ministry of Youth and Sport and will announce shortly the new date and time for the continuation of the AGM and we will look to assure that the process will be as smooth and seamless as can be for the members of BRFC.

As per Article 22;

“If the General Meeting is unable to complete the business set out in the agenda, the meeting shall be deemed continuing and shall be adjourned to a later date to be fixed by the General Meeting or Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall notify the members of the adjourned date at least fifteen (15) days before such date.”

Once again we offer our sincerest apologies for the postponement of the AGM and assure you everyone is working fully towards rectifying this.

Best Regards

Mark Burnell

General Secretary