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Week 7 of the BENL games were hosted at the Dilmun Club on Sunday 24th November 2019.

Rugby Club Reds were first out on the courts and played an awesome game against Dilmun Club Youth.  It was an evenly contested game and by the third quarter, the score was 9-9.  Although Rugby Club Reds gave it their all until the very end, the opposition managed to pull ahead in the fourth quarter. 

Final Score: Dilmun Club Youth (15) v Rugby Club Reds (13).

The umpire’s choice for Rugby Club Reds player of the match was awarded to our fabulous Fiona Symes.

Rugby Club A was next up on court and had an equally tough time with their highly contested game against Dilmun A.  Although a number of Rugby Club A players were carrying injuries, the team rallied well and stepped out on court strong and determined. They were on point with their defending, centre court and attacking areas, continually working hard to hold back and pressure the opposition.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough as The Dilmun club were precise and executed a well-deserved win.

Final score: Rugby Club A (23) v Dilmun A (27).

The umpire’s choice for Rugby Club A player of the match was awarded to our amazing Fiona Palamountain.

There will be no shortage of excitement during next round of games as Rugby Club Flames will be playing Rugby Club A here at the Rugby Club on Tuesday 26th November, starting from 7:15pm!