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Another fun-filled night of netball was hosted here at the Bahrain Rugby Football Club on Tuesday evening.

The second load of scheduled games for week 5 of the second round of the Bahrain Netball League, saw all three of our teams stepping out on court at 7:15pm.

On court 2, our Rugby Club B and C teams were facing off. Rugby Club B inevitably started off strong and maintained the lead each quarter. Rugby Club C played a steady game, but were no match for the strong sister B Team.  At half time the umpires commented that the Rugby Club players were having too much fun on court, which was nice to hear and reflective of the Rugby Club Netball ethos. 

1st quarter RCC(1) v RCB(6)

2nd quarter RCC(3) v RCB(12)

3rd quarter RCC(6) v RCB(23)

4th quarter RCC(6) v RCB(28)

Rugby Club B won with a final score of 28-6.

The umpires player of the match for Rugby Club B was awarded to Charlie Axtell, and for Rugby Club C was Elen Griffith.

On court 1, Rugby Club A maintained their unblemished record by winning the game against the Dilmun Club, with a final score of 34-18.  The game initially started off evenly contested, but the Rugby Club initiated a structured game plan during the second quarter.  

Thereafter, Rugby Club A maintained the ever increasing lead each quarter which was great to see.

1st quarter RCA(7) v Dilmun (4)

2nd quarter RCA(15) v Dilmun (6)

3rd quarter RCA(21) v Dilmun (11)

4th quarter RCA(34) v Dilmun (18)

The umpires player of the match for Rugby Club A was awarded to Fiona Palamountain.

The next round of games will be hosted Sunday 24th March at the British Club from 7:15PM.