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The Rugby Club Netball team were very pleased to host the first round of league games last night. Our A and B teams got off to a strong start which was great to see. Our C Team had the luxury of a bye, so we will see them in action next Tuesday.

Rugby Club A stepped out on court feeling strong, which was reflected throughout the game. We are pleased to welcome our new players this season and delighted to have Amy and Charlotte playing in the team, who have been promoted into the A-Team this season. Amy and Charlotte were understandably a little nervous playing their first game with the A-Team, but they stayed strong and displayed their developing talents on the court, dealing very well with the pressure of a more intense and strategic game, well-done girls! Rugby Club A final score was 35/17, and the umpires choice for player of the match went to Charlotte.

Rugby Club B had a tough first game against last seasons winners. Our girls played some great netball and held the opposition at bay for most of the game, which was great to see. Although the final score was 19/13 to the opposition, in the eyes of the supporters who were cheering them on, they were most definitely the people’s choice as winners of that game. The umpires choice for player of the match went to Maisie.

Well done to everyone concerned, and we look forward to next weeks games that are being played at the Dilmun Club!

Helen Hind

Head of Senior Netball