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A successful evening of Netball once again from our BRFC Teams!

Week 5 of the second round of the Bahrain Netball League saw our Rugby Club A and B taking to the courts at the Dilmun Club on Sunday evening.  Unfortunately, Rugby Club C had to forfeit due to unavailable players. 

Rugby Club B team started well and held the lead, pulling ahead each quarter throughout the game against Sri Lanka B.  

1st quarter RCB(5) v SLB(1)

2nd quarter RCB(11) v SLB(6)

3rd quarter RCB(16) v SLB(10)

4th quarter RCB(19) v SLB(13)

Rugby Club B took the win with a final score of 19-13.  

The umpires player of the match for Rugby Club B was awarded to team captain Alex Roberts.

Rugby Club A had a great game against Sri Lanka A team. Our ladies maintained their unbeaten status winning the game with a final score of 33-14.

1st quarter RCA(10) v SSSC(3)

2nd quarter RCA(19) v SSSC(6)

3rd quarter RCA(25) v SSSC(9)

4th quarter RCA(33) v SSSC(14)

The umpires player of the match for Rugby Club A was awarded to Kathryn Buckman.

The next round of games will be hosted Tuesday 19th March at Bahrain Rugby Football Club from 7:15pm