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The first games for week 6 of the Bahrain Netball League were kindly hosted by the British Club on Sunday 24th March. Rugby Club B team had the luxury of a ‘bye’ so they enjoyed the night off!

Unfortunately once again due to unavailable players, Rugby Club C team forfeited their game.

With only 3 games left to play, Rugby Club A were well aware that they needed to dig deep and win their game against Top Shots on Sunday evening. As both teams stepped on court, there was an unusual air of fun amongst everyone on the court, which was great to see.  

Once the first centre pass was taken, it was Rugby Club A who instantly took the lead and dominated the opposition throughout the game, to win with a final score of 44-11.

Our Rugby Club A team are experienced players who some might say are predominantly ‘the vets’ of Bahrain netball. This is indeed a good summary of the Rugby Club A ladies with the exception of our lovely Amy, who moved up from the youth team at the start of this season.  She has become a real asset and has continued to play well each week.

The umpires choice for player of the match was awarded to our fabulous Sarah Hobday.

1st quarter RCA (13) v TS (2)

2nd quarter RCA (23) v TS (4)

3rd quarter RCA (31) v TS (7)

4th quarter RCA (44) v TS (11)

The next round of games will be played on Tuesday 26th March at the Dilmun Club. Rugby Club A have the luxury of their teams ‘bye’ on Tuesday as does Rugby Club C.  Our girls will still be rooting from the sidelines for Rugby Club B who have a game at 8:15PM.

Helen Hind