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Members Responsibilities – when proposing or seconding a new members application in BRFC

Members are reminded of the responsibility that comes with proposing/seconding a new member and signing in a member’s guest.

A new member is subject to a six-month probation once membership is granted. During the probation period,   any misdemeanour may result in further repercussions for the member proposing/seconding the new member. For this reason, we remind members, who are considering proposing/seconding a new member, to consider if they really know the applicant that well and in short can vouch for them.

Likewise, when a member signs in a guest, the member is responsible for the guest the entire time whilst at the club. Please be reminded that when the member leaves the guest must also leave. Member is entitled to sign in two guests at one time.

Bar Tabs at BRFC

The last few months have seen a rise in bar tabs at BRFC and Executive Committee has introduced a new procedure for unpaid bar tabs.

To open a bar tab the member must hand over their membership card to the bar staff, upon leaving the club the member should settle their bar tab on the same day to receive the members` discount.

When a bar tab has been left unpaid at the close of the day, the bar staff will initially proceed to settle the bar tab,( if sufficient funds are on the membership card), if there are not sufficient funds on the membership card, the bar tab and the membership card will be forwarded to the reception for payment on another day by the member.

The member may then collect their card from reception upon paying off their unpaid bar tab.

No new bar tab can be started until the previous bar tab has been settled in full.

We thank you for your understanding.

Membership Fees

Following the introduction of VAT in the Kingdom of Bahrain, BRFC will apply VAT to all new memberships from the 1st of March 2020.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Duty Reduction on Beverages

Duty has been reduced to suppliers of beverages in Bahrain this month and this will see a change to prices at BRFC. As a result, we are working closely with our suppliers, to enable the price changes necessary to be applied soonest.

We will update you further with more information once to hand.

MANOS Family Bistro – updated contact number & change to Bar Menu Payment Process

Due to many months of outstanding food bills, MANOS kindly requests that all customers who are ordering from the bar menu settle their bill at the time of order. This is also aimed at improving service across the wider club.

In order to serve our customers better at MANOS, with immediate effect all reservations are to be made on (+973 3989 3101)

Customers are free to call or WhatsApp this number to make their bookings for the al á carte dining during operating hours.

11.00AM – 3.00PM and 6.00PM -10.00PM.

Thank you for your understanding.