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BRFC are ready to launch the next phase of our software update from ESP – The BRFC Members Loyalty Card.

From the 15th of March we will start to swap your existing cards with our new cards that will not only give access to the club and its Gym facilities for over 18`s but will also act as a debit card which will give members a loyalty discount on beverage purchases.

The loyalty discount for members will start from the 1st of April to give ample time for members to receive their new cards.

Step by Step Guide

1.       Receive New Members Card

2.       Top Up Card at any POS machine at Reception or Bars

3.       Use Card to Pay for Beverages with our contactless readers on every POS to receive loyalty discount after the 1st of April

4.       Quick and Easy way to pay but please remember that no card means no loyalty discount!

The new members turnstile at reception will in in action from the 15th of March to allow members quick and easy access to the club using the new members card.

The right hand door will still be in operation until the 1st of April for the current members card.

These unique cards will no longer be replaced each year and will also be used to gain access to our reciprocal clubs when paying the appropriate fees.