Long Term Guests

Bahrain RFC has a number of longer-term access passes available for visitors to the Kingdom of Bahrain to enable individuals or families to visit the club without the need of their sponsoring member to be present.

Visiting Family and Friends Pass

This pass is designed to enable a member to sign in their visitors for two week periods (or multiples of) allowing them to come and go as they please to the club without the need for the sponsoring member to be present throughout their stay. Members need simply complete the relevant form nominating the names of their visitors (these will be added to the Club’s guest book for the duration of their visit) & pay the relevant fees (Family BD20/- Single BD15/-).

The guests then simply present a copy of the receipt to our reception team for admission on arrival.

It should be noted that the sponsoring member remains responsible for the behaviour of these guests when on the club’s premises.

Returning Students Pass

This operates very similarly to the Visiting Family and Friends Pass but is aimed at those students studying abroad who’s families may not have retained their membership or whose age may have exceeded the club’s normally accepted limits.

Longer Term Military Guests

Military Personnel wishing to participate in Bahrain RFC’s sporting activities are required to join the club for the duration of their visit. In this case, all process and procedures are identical to those for gaining Single or Family Membership save for the membership fees (charged pro-rata as with their sports fees) and the need for an Executive Committee Approval prior to payment.