Visitor Policy

Whilst Bahrain RFC is predominantly a members-only club, guests of both members and the club are a fact of life. In each case different regulations may apply, please check below to see if you fit into any of these categories.

Members Guests

Members may bring in guests at any time during their membership although we do ask that regular visiting guests apply for membership. The process is a simple matter of presenting the guest to our Reception Team who, after receipt of the guest fee (currently BD2/- per adult), will ensure that relevant paperwork is completed to allow admission to the club.

It should be noted that guests are not permitted to remain in the club after the departure of the person signing them in and that that person is at all times responsible for their guest’s behaviour. Further, it should be noted that only BRFC members over the age of 18 may have guests and any under 18s on the clubs premises must be accompanied by an adult.

Members of Expatriate Club’s with whom BRFC has Reciprocal Arrangements

Bahrain RFC has entered into agreements a number of Expatriate organisations throughout its membership area accepting their members as guests of the Reciprocal Organisation rather than an individual member.

These Organisations currently include

  • The British Club of Bahrain
  • The Dilmun Club
  • The Bahrain Yacht Club
  • The Oasis Barbarians Rugby Club (Al-Khobar Rugby Club)
  • The British Businessmen’s Forum (KSA)
  • The Bahrain British Businessmen’s Forum

In each case, an applicable fee is payable to the BRFC Reception Team who will ensure that the person in question is properly signed in as a guest of their member club or group.

Visiting Military

Bahrain RFC has a proud tradition of hosting military personnel on temporary assignment to or visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain. As such the Club maintains an open door policy to these groups allowing admission to the club’s premises for BD2 upon production of a valid military identification card. Longer Term Military visitors are encouraged to take out membership of the club (especially if they wish to participate in the club’s sporting programs) with special arrangements in place to ensure that they are charged on a pro-rata basis only for the duration of their stay.

Visiting Members of Overseas Rugby Clubs

Bahrain RFC is keen to promote the sport of Rugby worldwide and as a result is proud to honour the admission of visiting rugby players from overseas as guests of the club upon production of a valid club membership card and payment of the relevant member’s guest fees to our reception team.

Match Days and Open Days

On certain days of the year (usually alongside larger social events or live/televised sporting events) Bahrain RFC often declares the day a ‘Match Day’ meaning that visitors may pay a fixed admission charge to the club’s premises without the need to be formally signed in by a club member. Similarly, on occasion, the club has an ‘Open Day’ where membership requirements and admission fees may be waived. Please check with our Reception Team for details of any upcoming events