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25km Sponsored Walk for the BRFC Tour

April 13, 2018

Help the BRFC Tourists raise money to buy rugby kit and training equipment for disadvantaged schools and children of Colombo, Sri Lanka!

In order to fundraise for the BRFC Tour to Sri Lanka, members of our Rugby teams will be embarking on a 25km walk on the 13th April from the Old Rugby Club’s location in Muharraq to our newest location in Saar.

A bus will be leaving the Rugby Club at 5.30am to begin the journey and drop the walkers at Muharraq. Please register with Andrew Walsh (+973 34015106) or at Reception if you wish to have a place reserved on the bus.

All are welcome to join and help raise money for a great cause.

**Sponsorship sheets are also available for collection from Reception for anyone who wishes to help raise money!**

There will be a celebratory BBQ at 2.30pm by the Poolside Bar to refuel and enjoy the great achievement! Food will be provided by Blindside Grill and it is open to everyone – a great family occasion.

The walkers will be accepting sponsorship on their long journey and you can contact Jonty Crosse ( +973 392627026) for more information.

INFORMATION FOR THE DAY – Message from Jonty Crosse, Event Organiser


0530 Bus leaves from BRFC (please call club to reserve places). Or just make your way to Muharraq. If you are leaving your car there for pick up later, please be mindful of parking as they sometimes have a Friday market with stalls there so best to park around the edge of the wasteground.

0600 Arrive at waste ground other side of Airport nr Daih Village. (See enclosed map). Please register with Eibhlin Crosse Tel:36343890 standing near Green Honda CRV. Need your name, tel number and CPR please. This is just for safety in case of any issues. Also we need to know whether some of you are doing the whole walk or part of the walk, running, walking or cycling. No children under 16 please. This is in case anyone gets ‘lost’!!!

Amy and the team from ‘IN Touch Clinic’ will also be there at the start to help with feet, blister prevention etc.


Anytime between 6.00AM and 7.00AM.


There is one water/blister stop (marked in blue on the map) in Seef near the Fort turn off (thanks Amy!) which is just over halfway. However the route takes you past petrol stations, supermarkets and through Muharraq, Seef, Budaiya Road etc so plenty of places to stock up. There will also be volunteers just driving around lending support as well.

Where possible the route takes you along pavements (for instance around the Financial Harbour) but there are places where they do not exist so be careful (Budaiya road is not brilliant for instance!!).

If you have any problems or feel sick or dizzy, please call Jonty on 39627026, Eibhlin on 36343890 or Amy on 34102553 and we can arrange for you to be picked up.

Click here for blister treatment and hydration suggestions


Wear hats, sunblock and also please observe a dress code and keep shirts on. REHYDRATE and use your SUNBLOCK


There is no time limit but if you aim for around 6 KM per hour speed, then it should take about 4-4 1/2 hours. You can also cycle or run it, but that is up to you!!!
(However, if anyone wants to take a break, please let Jonty/Eibhlin know in advance with your estimated time of arrival at the BRFC!!)


We have sent letters to Public Security in Muharraq, Hoora and Budaiya so they are aware of the walk. However, in the unlikely event of an issue, please call Mike Cunningham on 36022888 or Jonty Crosse on 39627026


There is no time limit and walk at your own pace.

 Please register your finish at the club reception where they will make a note of your name and time (if you would like to disclose!!). Plus your pledged sponsorship amounts.


Great value BBQ courtesy of Blindside at the BRFC pool from 2.30pm which is open to all so a family event!!


All sponsorship money should be with Lee Holloway (see below) within the week as we are using this to buy equipment and clothing. Please note that if you are a tourist, this sponsorship is not to be used to fund your own trip!!!! Lee Holloway (phone 38382158 and email leebs105@hotmail.com).

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April 13, 2018
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