Bahrain Rugby Club junior rugby section runs on Friday mornings every week during the season, and is one of the most popular sections at the club. Some of our groups even run extra training sessions on Mondays as the demand was so high.

Each season we have the option to enter in 3 away tournaments at various destinations over the Gulf region with the club subsidizing cost’s to encourage uptake, we often take at least 1 team for each age group, which means us taking over 100 kids with us to the various host’s tournaments. We also host our own tournament once a year where we welcome teams from all over the region in what is always a fantastic weekend at the club, with a true festival of rugby on show.

We are very well represented on the coaching front with every age group having at least 2 full-time volunteer coaches and a number of willing parents who are happy to help.

Head of Junior Rugby – Lee Stones

UNDER 5 & 6S

Under 6’s Rugby is all about having fun! Coaching both boys and girls together we currently have over 30 players in our squad from all different backgrounds, and with all varying degrees of rugby ability. Players as young as four are accepted based on an evaluation by one of our coaches

We try to include skill development activities, as well as fun rugby based games in our sessions to ensure all the boys and girls develop their skills, as well as have lots of fun to make sure they always want to come back, time and time again.


Under 8’s Rugby introduces many of the concepts of a team sport, but without the contact element of the game as the children play ‘Tag Rugby’. Both boys and girls train together and attend tournaments throughout the Gulf Region.

At this age, we introduce game-based developmental activities, whilst still emphasizing the fun elements of the game. Children are gradually prepared to be able to take part in the various tournaments and festivals available throughout the region.

UNDER 9S & 10S

Under 10’s Rugby gradually introduces the basic concepts of full contact Rugby, however, some elements of set plays contain reduced numbers as the players become familiar with them. Both boys and girls train and play together at this age group, and we currently have more than 40 players in our squad from all different backgrounds and varying degrees of ability.

We begin to separate the children into Forwards and Backs, as well as by age in both skill development activities and games. Again the squads focus on preparation to participate in various local and regional tournaments, thus the requirement for a regional Rugby pathway is paramount and adhered so as to provide a level playing field across the region.


Under 11’s Rugby is all about introducing players to the skills and requirements of specific rugby-related playing positions. Concepts such as being a ‘Back’ or ‘Forward’ are developed into those of ‘Fly Half’, ‘Prop’ etc with an emphasis on acquiring the associated skills with the position. Small sided games continue at this age.

We begin to emphasize the structures and concepts of a proper rugby game, whilst trying to develop players into their future roles. Fine tuning of Rugby Basics is also structured into the sessions, with a view to preparing for tournaments and matches across the GCC


Under 12’s Rugby continues to develop the concepts introduced at Under 11, whilst the children gradually get introduced into full sided Rugby and pitches, with the introduction of tactical concepts as the squad develops.

We begin to introduce the concept of Rugby Units and their development, as well as tactical awareness and team concepts. At this age we start to see proper games being played, and whilst most of the rugby available in the region is smaller sided tournaments, we also aim to tour as a full side playing full matches against chosen opposition

UNDER 13S & 14S

A great deal of the work done with the Under 13s and 14s squads centres around enhancing those individual player positional skills learnt at Under 11 and 12 levels within structured Rugby Units. A far greater part of each session is dedicated to unit skill development and team concepts.

We participate in both internally organised and regional small and full sided matches and tournaments. Sessions include a more formal structure aiming to instil the disciplined concepts in the children that will be necessary as they progress through their rugby careers.  Players are also taught the tactical side of the game, with concepts stressed as to what the execution of a specific play or skill is trying to achieve and why.

UNDER 16S & 19S

Once a player reaches this group they are generally fully developed rugby players (although we still do have the occasional new player). The focus of the sessions is tailored towards achieving the fitness and strength levels required to execute skills, and concepts learnt earlier in the players’ rugby development at a higher speed and under greater pressure.

At this age players often participate as guest players in veterans matches (under the strict provision that the game, and in particular the physicality of it, are a suitable standard). The aim is to participate in full-sided games and Sevens tournaments (in particular the annual Dubai 7s) regionally at a high standard.


Each Player must have completed the Clubs Sports Waiver form and paid the relevant sports fees prior to participation in any activity.
Each Player will be issued a club training top to be used at each training session with playing kits made available from the club’s central stock for tournaments and matches.
Each Coach will have differing methods of organising and communicating with their groups these can include Teamer, Basic Email etc, please ensure that Parents introduce themselves to the coach and get access to the relevant information.
Any trips overseas will be organised by our sports department at an additional cost, the club does its best to contribute towards these trips and will publicise this in advance.