The Bahrain Rugby Club Ladies Netball Section has been going at the club for well over 25 years, bringing success more often than not. The netball section is run on Sunday and Tuesday evenings (7.30pm – 9.00pm) throughout the season, with their league matches taking place on Tuesday evenings in the Expatriates League. Matches are spread between our club, the British club and the Dilmun club. We are well represented with 3 teams currently taking the court on a weekly basis.

The ladies also form part of the backbone of the Expatriate Netball League Committee, and the Islands efforts to field teams regionally at the InterGulf Netball Championships. In recent seasons our senior netball section has also taken a team to Dubai 7’s, which is now a permanent fixture.

We are well represented on the coaching front with some of the ‘A team’ players taking on the mantle of Player coach roles. With a great blend of youth and experience throughout our squads, the younger players are the beneficiaries of that wealth of knowledge the more experienced players bring to the table.

Head of Senior Netball – Helen Hind




The InterGulf Championships sees all of Bahrain’s netball ladies come together to form a number of squads to make an assault on the tournament.

InterGulf training is generally organised in the second half of the season, with the tournament taking place in March annually. InterGulf trainings are publicised well in advance, and are generally overseen by the Expatriate Leagues senior coaches supported by a few overseas coaches brought in to provide specialist help for the event.


Each Player must have completed the Clubs Sports Waiver form and paid the relevant sports fees prior to participation in any activity.